National Theatre: Season's Greetings, Blue/Orange (West End)
West End: Boeing Boeing, Entertaining Mr Sloane, Mojo
Other theatre includes: Rookery Nook, Bad Jazz, A Night at the Dogs, Threesome, The Bullet, Featuring Loretta, Grace Note, American Buffalo, Clocks and Whistles, Goldhawk Road, Not a Game for the Boys, Woman in Mind, What the Butler Saw, Drinking in America, A View from the Bridge, Romeo and Juliet, The Grapes of Wrath, Soundings, The Philanderer


New Tricks, Miss Marple, Reggie Perrin, Monday Monday, Midsomer Murders, The Catherine Tate Show, Kingdom, The Bill, Chopra Town, Elizabeth – The Virgin Queen, Soundproof, Murder in Suburbia, 20,000 Streets Under the Sky, Faith, The Afternoon Play, Murphy’s Law, Murder in Mind, Serious and Organised, Trust, Office Gossip, The Sins, Grafters, At Home with the Braithwaites, Silent Witness, Seesaw, Pie in the Sky, Wing and a Prayer, Game On, Out of the Blue, A Touch of Frost, Karaoke, Cardiac Arrest, Poirot, Resort to Murder, Between the Lines, Downtown Lagos, Drop the Dead Donkey


Out on a Limb, Mother Theresa, School for Seduction, Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry, Circus, Dead Bolt Dead, The Suicide Club, Let the Good Times Roll, If Only, Sliding Doors, Shark Hunt, Masculine Mescaline, Suckers, Borderland, Century