Reggie Perrin

"Robert Farquhar's new play is a brilliant, ninety minute satirical stab at modern theatre which succeeds in being self-referential without ever being self-conscious." The British Theatre Guide

This ATC and Theatre Royal Plymouth production of Bad Jazz by Robert Farquhar toured during 2007.

Natasha is an actress but what she has to do in her latest role is going way too far for boyfriend Ben.
Guru director Gavin is pushing at the limits but he isn't all he seems. Writer Hannah has a story to tell but it's not ringing true anymore... while actor Danny is having an affair with his leading lady as his pregnant fiance waits at home.

Robert Farquhar's rude new comedy is about a group of desperados who come together in pusuit of a shared dream. Its setting is the Wannabe Culture where everything is possible as long as you want it hard enough. But in a world that seems to have no consequences - how far are you prepared to go?

Neil played Danny.

Author: Robert Farquhar; Directed by: Gordon Anderson; Design: Soutra Gilmour ; Cast: Leah Muller, Alex Palmer, Louis Hilyer, Neil Stuke, Pia De Keyser, Laura Macaulay, Alan Tripney