Reggie Perrin

Blue/Orange is a play by written by English dramatist, Joe Penhall. A sardonically comic piece which touches on race, mental illness, and 21st century British life, it premiered at the Cottesloe Theatre in April 2000, starring Bill Nighy, Andrew Lincoln and Chiwetel Ejiofor. It went to London's West End in 2001.

Chris has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder following a psychotic episode. After 28 days in the care of young registrar Dr. Bruce Flaherty he is due to be released, but Bruce fears that his patient's belief that his father is Idi Amin, and the fact that he insists that oranges are blue, are warning signs of schizophrenia.

If Chris is released into the community he could well suffer a terrible breakdown. The scene is set for a struggle with senior consultant Dr. Robert Smith who sees Chris as ready to leave.

Neil appeared in the 2001 West End production with Shaun Parkes andDavid Threlfall.

Author: Joe Penhall; Company: Royal National Theatre; Directed by:Roger Michell