Reggie Perrin

This production of Drinking in America by Eric Bogosian was performed at The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester and on tour in 1992.

Drinking in America" is a sequence of fourteen dramatic segments (thirteen monologues), which together create a pastiche; a meditation on a theme. The title of the piece is a "red herring," for the true theme is not so much inebriation in the normal sense of the word, rather it is the inebriation and excitement of fantasy and power.

The piece is meant to be performed solo and without special effects, costumes or complex mime. The audience indulge their imaginations as one character after the next is presented nakedly to them. The performance should have a visceral quality so that as much as the audience is "carried away" by a segment, it is at the same time very aware of the performers exertion

Author: Eric Bogosian; Directed by: Chris Monks & Allan Pollock; Design: David Short; Cast:Joe Alessi, Judd Meyers, Neil Stuke