Reggie Perrin

This production of Featuring Loretta by George Walker was performed at the Hampstead Theatre in February 1998.

The play casts comic light upon young, none-to-great hopers, fired by materialistic ambition and struggling to rescue their lives from the grind of disappointment. The comedy is set in a motel room of flamboyant, orange carpeted hideousness designed with nice touches of satire by Joanna Parker. Here Loretta, an off-duty waitress in a fringed miniskirt, white boots and glitter jacket, is propositioned to put her sex-appeal to fresh use as a porn actress with her discarded lover, Neil Stuke, improvising as the male lead. It's an idea with humorous potential. Con O'Neill as Michael, a bar-booker for topless girls whose disguise as a maker of porn films is soon stripped bare, flashes an effective line in leering opportunism which masks desperation. And the weak-wristed rivalry between Michael and Loretta's wisely rejected lover provokes faint amusement.

Matilda Ziegler as the waitress who believes money is a girl's best friend, looks and sounds the picture of self-confident sex-appeal.

Nicholas De Jongh, London Evening Standard

Author: George Walker; Directed by: Robin Lefevre; Design: Joanna Parker; Cast: Matilda Ziegler , Suzanna Wise , Neil Stuke , Con O'Neill