This production of 'Frankie & Johnny in the Clare de Lune' was performed at the Minerva Theatre Chichester 6th November - 6th December 2014.

'We have a chance to make everything turn out all right again. Turn our back on everything that went wrong. We can begin right now and all over again but only if we begin right now, this minute, this room and us. I know this thing, Frankie.’

In a New York apartment a couple are struggling to start a new day.

Wise-cracking chef Johnny has spent the night with his colleague, the rueful waitress Frankie, and now he won’t go home. He wants to persuade her they might have something rare and special. That a one-night stand could really be the start of a lifetime of love. That a brief meeting of  bodies could lead to a lifelong meeting of minds.

But she’s not biting, and he hasn’t got long to convince her; outside the apartment the sun’s coming up.

This tender, funny and passionate play about two lonely people getting together and opening up has been a hit on stages around the world.

Neil played Johnny and Dervla Kirwan played Frankie.


Written by Terrence McNally, Directed by Paulette Randall