Reggie Perrin

This production of Goldhawk Road by Simon Bent was performed at The Bush Theatre in 1996.
Goldhawk Road gives an entertaining twist to the long-lost brothers trope (not so much True West as "True W12").

Colin and Reg (equally excellent John Simm and Neil Stuke) are thrown into edgy, mutually irking proximity when Trevor Martin's Paul, an ex-coach driver who is convinced he is sick and dying, writes out of the blue to each of their mothers saying that he'll remember these alleged sons in his will if they come to look after him in his West London terraced house.

Neither youth is exactly brimming with filial concern for the sofa-filling invalid who, by the end, has pulled himself together and done a deal behind their backs with Danny Webb's hyper Ralph, the jumped-up Eighties- style greed-and-instant-gratification junkie for whom the half-brothers have been making drug deliveries.

Among the others who have drifted to this fly trap of a house is John (Jack Carr), a coach-driving buddy of Paul's. Further adding to British Telecom's future bonanza from this household, he has to keep making successive calls to the three women who think they are his partner, feeding them with emollient lies over his whereabouts: "We're just leaving Aberdeen" etc.

Bent has a marvellous ear for the casual bizarreries of everyday speech and a sharp eye for what is strange about modern life.

Paul Taylor, The Independent 1996

Author: Simon Bent; Directed by: Paul Miller; Cast: MARY · Elizabeth Bell, JOHN · Jack Carr, JO · Suzanne Hitchmough, PAUL · Trevor Martin, JULIA · Julie Saunders, COLIN · John Simm, REG · Neil Stuke, RALPH · Danny Webb