Reggie Perrin

Monday Monday is an ITV1 comedy drama about a group of workers at the head office of a supermarket chain called Butterworth's who rise to the challenge of relocating to Leeds in a world of thrusting new management and where the PAs rule the roost. Neil plays Max Chambers.

Determined to hold on to his job, company man Roger Sorsby is the Chief Executive of the company. He has worked there all his life, with the very loyal support of his assistant Jenny. Roger finds his position under threat by the appointment of a young and highly ambitious Chief Operating Officer, Alyson Cartmell, who seems determined to make it to the top. Alyson's relationship with her handsome PA, Steven, however, is more than just professional.

Heading up Human Resources is Christine Frances. Self-appointedly and terminally single, Christine is struggling to find inner happiness and seeks solace in booze. Christine's PA Sally is trying to rebuild her life having been dumped by her fiance, who ran off with her sister.

Sally lives with flatmate, Natasha. Best friends from school, Natasha is also a PA and in search of the perfect man.

Max Chambers is the hard-nosed Head of Marketing. He is an ambitious hard-nosed businessman with an over inflated opinion of his talents. Max will stop at nothing to get on. The son of a banker, he was educated at private school in South Africa, but returned to finish studying in London when his family fell on hard times. He's been rich and he's been poor and there's no doubt which he prefers. To that end, he lied to get the job at Butterworth's, enhancing his credentials as well as knocking a few years off his age.

The series was produced for ITV by TalkbackThames and was filmed April - August 2008. The series of 7 episodes was broadcast Mon 13th July 2009 - Mon 24th August 2009.

Writers: Ben Edwards, Rachael New, Jack Lothian; Script Editor: Jenny Robins; Directors: Roger Goldby, Martin Dennis, Nicholas Laughland; Producer: Alison Davis; Executive Producer: Margot Gavan Duffy
Cast: Fay Ripley - Christine Frances, Morven Christie - Sally, Holly Aird - Alyson Cartmell, Neil Stuke - Max Chambers, Peter Wight - Roger Sorsby, Jenny Agutter - Jenny Mountfield, Tom Ellis - Steven, Laura Haddock - Natasha, Saikat Ahamed - Vince, Miranda Hart - Tall Karen, Jodie Taibi - Small Karen; Produced by Talkback Thames for ITV