Reggie Perrin

Entertaining Mr Sloane is a play by the English playwright Joe Orton. Thirty five years after Entertaining Mr Sloane was first produced at the Arts Theatre in Londons West End, it returned there in 2001 after a tour that took in Theatre Royal Brighton, Arts Theatre Cambridge, Theatre Royal Norwich, Richmond Theatre Outer London and Theatre Royal Bath.

Murder, homosexuality, nymphomania, and sadism are among the themes of this black comedy focusing on a brother and sister who become involved with a young, sexy, amoral drifter with a mysterious past.

Kath is a lonely middle-aged woman living in the London suburbs with her aging father Kemp, referred to as Da Da or the Da Da. When she meets the attractive Sloane sunbathing on a tombstone in the cemetery near her home, she invites him to become a lodger. Soon after he accepts her offer, Kath seduces him.
Her closeted brother Ed makes him the chauffeur (complete with a titillating tight leather uniform) of his pink 1959 Pontiac Parisienne convertible. Kemp, recognizing Sloane as the man who killed his boss years before, stabs him in the leg with a gardening tool.

Sloane takes delight in playing brother against sister and tormenting the elderly man. He gets Kath pregnant and a jealous Ed warns him to stay away from her.
When Sloane murders Kemp to protect his secret, they blackmail him by threatening to report him to the police unless he agrees to participate in a ménage à trois in which he becomes not only a sexual partner but their prisoner as well.

In this production the sexually provocative, child-woman Kath was played by Alison Steadman. Clive Francis played her wheeler dealer brother, the homosexual Flash Harry Ed. Dada was played by Bryan Pringle and Neil played their lodger the enigmatic, murderous Mr Sloane.

The Arts Theatre production ran from 17 January 2001 to 07 April 2001


Author: Joe Orton; Directed by: Terry Johnson; Cast: Alison Steadman, Clive Francis, Bryan Pringle, Neil Stuke