Reggie Perrin

Soundproof was a gripping urban thriller that broke new ground in bringing deaf and hearing actors together. A BBC co-production with Blast! Films.

Neil played Chris who is thrown off the balcony of a high rise block of flats – and it looks like murder. Suspicion falls on his flat mate Dean (Joseph Mawle) who is profoundly deaf.

Penny (Susan Lynch) is the sign language interpreter brought in to help the police question him. But when Penny bumps into Dean later in a nearby pub, they embark on a secret affair which makes Penny's impartiality as police interpreter harder and harder to sustain.

Dean needs Penny to prove his innocence, but as the police investigation continues, Penny starts to wonder if he is in fact the murderer after all.

Soundproof was devised by director Edmund Coulthard (who won a Best New Director BAFTA for his BBC TWO series Tales From Pleasure Beach in 2002) and penned by exciting new television writer Joe Fisher. Edmund Coulthard says: "I wanted to create a rollercoaster thriller that takes the viewer into the experience of being deaf in a very different way. "In trying to work out whether the lead deaf character is innocent or guilty, the viewer has to experience Dean's world through his eyes."

Soundproof was broadcast in July 2006.

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