Reggie Perrin

An independant film released in 200. A man joins a secret club for those who are seeking to end their lives, only to rediscover his will to live upon meeting the club's only female member.

London 1899 - Devastated by the loss of his beloved wife, Captain Henry Joyce (David Morrissey) joins the highly secretive Suicide Club, a place where one can be ushered into eternity quietly, and without scandal.

This highly secret society caters to an elite, decadent group of aristocrats. It is run by Mr. Bourne (Jonathan Pryce), who provides his clientèle with whatever last vices they desire.

Membership in the Suicide Club is an irrevocable contract with only one exit clause - death. However, Captain Joyce begins to regret his decision after he meets Sarah Wolverton (Catherine Siggins) , the Club's only female member.

Neil played Captain May.

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