Reggie Perrin

This production of The Philanderer by George Bernard Shaw was performed at The Hampstead Theatre London in 1991 - 92.

The Philanderer is a play by George Bernard Shaw. It was written in 1893 but the strict British Censorship laws at the time meant that it was not produced on stage until 1902.

It is one of the three plays Shaw published as Plays Unpleasant in 1898, alongside Widowers' Houses and Mrs Warren's Profession.

The volume was written to raise awareness of social problems and criticize capitalist behaviour. The influence of Naturalist playwrights is evident by Shaw's constant reference to Ibsen in the play.

The Naturalist theatre movement was a reaction to Melodrama, the Victorian theatre tradition of the time.

Author: George Bernard Shaw; Directed by: Brian Cox; Design: Tom Piper; Cast:Jonathan Coy, Eleanor David, Caroline Langrishe, Barry Morse, Siri Neal, Clive Owen, Neil Stuke, Geoffrey Toone