Reggie Perrin

This production of Woman in Mind by Alan Ayckbourn was performed at The Palace Theatre, Watford in 1994.
Susan, is a middle-class woman in the throes of a nervous breakdown. Concussed in her suburban garden, she finds herself communing with a fantasy family: idealised figures endowed with the insouciant ease of the privileged. You see the need for this escape when you meet Susan's real relatives. Her husband is a smug, sexless vicar wrapped up in writing a 60-page history of the parish. Her sister-in-law is a catastrophic cook trying to make contact with her late husband. And Susan's son is an estranged recluse who is part of a Trappist order in Hemel Hempstead. But the depth of Susan's crisis only becomes clear when even her imaginary family turns out to be diabolically motivated.

Woman in Mind was Ayckbourn's first play to use first-person narrative and a subjective viewpoint and is considered to be one of his most affecting works and one of his best.

Author: Alan Ayckbourn; Directed by: Lou Stein; Cast: SUSAN - Marsha Fitzalan, BILL - Peter Bourke, ANDY - Will Knightley, LUCY - Zoe Aldrich, TONY - Laurence Kennedy, GERALD - Ian Price, MURIEL - Josie Kidd, RICK - Neil Stuke